63º Sous Vide Egg, Crispy Mortadella, Piave Stravecchio Recipe

63º Sous Vide Egg, Crispy Mortadella, Piave Stravecchio Recipe

By Chef Alex Tung

Ingredients (Yields 4 portions)

8ea Free Range Eggs

8ea Mortadella slices (sliced thin)

1ea Small Ciabatta (diced small ½cm)

50g Piave Vecchio Riserva

1T Chives (chopped finely)

2T Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

TT Carli Red Wine Vinegar

TT Fine Sea Salt/Black Pepper

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil (for cooking)


1) Set Sous Vide Supreme to 63C

2) Place eggs gently in the water bath, cover and let cook for 1 hour

3) Fry sliced mortadella in rice bran oil until mahogany in colour and crisp. Drain on paper

lined tray and season with black pepper

4) Toss diced ciabatta with salt, pepper and rice bran oil. Spread onto a parchment lined

baking sheet and bake at 325F for approximately 20 minutes. Check often, rotate and

turn; cooking times will differ oven to oven


1) Crack eggs into a separate bowl. Remove excessively runny egg white and spoon into

serving dish; season eggs with salt and pepper

2) Drizzle with olive oil and a few drops of red wine vinegar

3) Crush fried mortadella on top and around egg

4) Sprinkle croutons on top and around egg

5) Microplane Piave cheese on top and around egg

6) Sprinkle chives on top and around egg


This dish is very simple, especially when the garnishes are prepared in advance. The beauty is in the quality of the ingredients, proper seasoning and the proportion of the garnishes. Paired with Vista D’oro Farm and Winery Pinot Noir, this unusual pairing works exceptionally well.