Perfect Beef Tenderloin

Perfect Beef Tenderloin

By Sean

Beef is one of my favorite proteins and most cooked things I make at home so when I was sent a SousVide Supreme from Cedarlane Culinary to try out I knew what I would be cooking up first.  In short sous vide or cooking under vacuum has been around for years but has become more popular in recent years in many professional kitchens, after vacuum sealing your food it’s cooked in precisely controlled temperature water resulting in perfectly cooked and moist food.  Until recently this was reserved for professional kitchens but SousVide Supreme has bridged the gap bringing this technology to home users.  I have the Demi model which is slightly smaller than the normal sized unit and it suits my small apartment just fine, when I’m not using it the unit packs up beautifully and fit’s in any standard kitchen cabinet.

For my meal I decided to sous vide some beef tenderloin medallions and a variety of sweet peppers.  The prep was dead simple, after cutting up and cleaning the peppers I vacuum sealed them with some pepper and EVOO in the bag.  For the meat I added some black pepper and a tiny bit of salt along with some finely sliced shallots.


The meat was cooked at 60 degrees Celsius for 2 hours, because beef tenderloin is a lean cut of meat quick cooking is traditionally used so you don’t dry out the meat but with the sous vide I could have left it in for up to 4 hour and still had perfectly done beef cooked to medium.  After the sous vide process I heated up a pan with some oil and butter to sear the meat for literally 40 seconds per side to brown and add some texture.



Here is the beautiful result I ended up with, absolutely perfectly cooked beef that was moist and tender and unlike anything I’ve cooked before.  When I cut into it the even cooking really blew me away and the flavor was intense, the sous vide really does a great job of intensifying flavors of what your cooking.  The peppers were cooked at 84 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes resulting in the flavor of a roasted pepper without the use of an oven.

Overall I’m really happy with how the SousVide Supreme Demi cooked the meat and vegetables and I’m looking forward to my next sous vide cooking adventure and I have the protein already in mind-flank steak!