48 Hour Sous Vide Grilled Short Ribs

48 Hour Sous Vide Grilled Short Ribs

By: Mike Vrobel


  • 4 (6 inch long) bone in short ribs
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper


1. Sous Vide the ribs

Sprinkle the ribs evenly with the salt and pepper. Put the ribs in a small (quart) vacuum pouch. Vacuum seal the bag and sous vide at 140°F/60°C for 48 hours.

2. Set the grill for direct high heat

Set the grill up for cooking on direct high heat, and clean the grill grate. For my gas grill, I preheat with all the burners on high for 15 minutes, then brush the grate clean with my grill brush.

3. Sear the ribs over direct high heat

Remove the ribs from the bag, and pat dry with paper towels. Put the ribs on the grill over direct high heat. Sear, turning to a new side every minute or two, until the ribs are well browned on all sides, about 4 minutes total. Serve.


  • Make sure you get 48 hours of sous vide cooking in, or the ribs will be tough. It takes time to break down collagen at the low (140°F) temperature we’re using.
  • If you value tenderness over everything, and have the steady hands of a neurosurgeon, you can extend the sous vide time to 72 hours. But, don’t be surprised if the ribs collapse on the grill. That’s OK - pick up the pieces and serve them - they’re still good to eat.