Fruit and Nuts Oats (Porridge)

Fruit and Nuts Oats (Porridge)

By Jelena Dakic

(Yummy, fruity and nutty with no artificial flavourings - makes up a 2L batch) 

1 handful of dried apricots (to me they are 'a must' as the smell of them cooking makes this dish irresistible) 
1 handful of mixed dried fruit (raisins, sultanas, mango, etc... whatever your heart desires or you can find cheaply at the local supermarket ) 
1 handful of whole almonds (or hazelnuts or walnuts or whatever is your favourite desert nut ) 
1 heaped tablespoon of coconut 
500ml of Cooking (or microwavable) Oats (no need for the expensive processed ones as you will mill them in the Bellini) 
Approx 750ml - 1L of water

Milk to taste
Also, obviously you can chose your favourite dried fruits and need not stick to the ones we use

Please NOTE:
If the measurements seem unclear or not specific enough please read the whole recipe and you will understand how we have worked these quantities out - as you do not need scales or measuring cups for this one at all

1. Place the chopping blade into the BIKM bowl and add the dried fruit (you will know that you have the right quantity when they come up close to the 500ml mark on the side of the bowl - do not go over it) and process by pressing 'PULSE' and holding it down for 3 seconds (literally just hold down the pulse button, count to 3 and then let go of the pulse button).
The result will be coarsely chopped/diced fruit.
If your household is NOT into dried fruit you can simply process another few seconds and this will completely dice the fruit which will become invisible in the end product (flavour will be there but there will be no 'chewiness' thus kiddies will not have a clue it is there)

2. Add the nuts, coconut and oats to the bowl (you will know the correct quantity of Oats has been added if the mixture is now reaching the 1L mark on the side of the bowl or is going just over it) and process by pressing 'PULSE' and holding it down for 4 seconds - the result will be even finer fruit & oats and coarsely chopped nuts.
Again, if you are trying to 'hide the nuts' from fussy kids - just process for 6 seconds (instead of 3) and all will be very fine

3. Add tap water until you fill the bowl to just UNDER the 2L mark (please do not overfill the bowl - do not exceed the 2L mark)

4. Place the Measuring Cup into the lid and cook at 100 degrees, speed 2 for 15 minutes. When the cooking time runs out please do not worry if it seems runny / a tad watery as within a few minutes it will have thickened

5. As soon as it is done cooking pour out into the serving dish (or into a container where you will store it) and rinse the cooking bowl. Do not let it sit in the bowl for more than 1-2 minutes as it thickens VERY quickly and you will find that wash up is more difficult when it thickens as it just sticks to everything
Please note that you can, once cooked, add a cupful or two of milk to it (if you like your Oats runnier and with milk) but since we have started cooking this we have found that we do not need milk - tastes good enough without it.

You can also refrigerate these oats for a few days in an airtight container and just reheat in the microwave when you wish to eat.