Sous Vide Infused Raspberry Syrup

Sous Vide Infused Raspberry Syrup

courtesy of Chef Brian McCracken and Chef Dana Tough of Tavern Law, Seattle, WA

2 pints (680 g) plump, fresh raspberries
4 cups (766 g) sugar
4 cups (960 ml) water

1.Preheat the SousVide Supreme to 135F/57C.
2.Put all ingredients in a zip-closure cooking pouch.
3.Lower the open pouch into the water oven slowly until the zip closure nears the surface; zip the seal and cook for 2 hours.
4.Remove pouch, let cool briefly, and quick chill, submerged in an ice water bath (half ice/half water) for 30 minutes.
5.Strain the infusion into a clean bottle and tightly cap.
6.Store in refrigerator for up two weeks.

Optional: add 2 ounces (60 ml) of vodka per quart (0.9 liter) of finished syrup to add a couple of weeks to shelf life.