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VacMaster Game and Catch

VacMaster Game and CatchBE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN Hunting & Fishing

We know you take pride in bringing home all your own meat. VacMaster® helps you to process from drop to freeze. Our heavy-duty food sealers are built to handle the rigorous processing of big-game. You worked hard to catch and process, don’t let any of your game go to waste. Game sealed by VacMaster®lasts up to 5x longer than traditional storage methods. Grab your rifle and get after that wall-hanger you’ve had your eye on; VacMaster® will help with the rest.


VacMaster Game and Catch Storage ChartHOW LONG TO PRESERVE YOUR GAME

Food Sealed by VacMaster® stays fresh for 5X longer than food stored by other traditional methods- that’s our freshness guarantee. Besides providing an easy and convenient way to package your game and catch, it is also a fantastic method of storage and preservation! If you plan to eat your meat right away you can put it in the refrigerator; or toss in the freezer and it will be just as fresh whenever you are ready to cook! Many storage methods leave your meat with freezer burn- VacMaster® prevents this by removing the air and moisture that cause this issue! See for yourself on our game and catch storage chart.