Did You Know ....

  • Meat and vegetables can be marinated in a fraction of time it normally takes just in the refrigerator by using vacuum packaging. The vacuum process opens the pores in the meat and forces marinade in. This can be accomplished in bags using a chamber machine or with VacMaster canisters using a suction style machine.

  • With our chamber technology in the VacMaster VP series, you can vacuum package liquids quickly and easily without having to pre-freeze your foods, saving you time and effort! We have a VP series chamber machine for any situation, from home kitchens to commercial food packaging needs.

  • Using caution with your vacuum sealed bags in the freezer can save you headaches. Wire baskets, sharp edges on boxes or other vacuum packaged items can cause small holes to be poked into your bags, leading to air penetration and freezer burn. Protect your bags from sharp objects in the freezer and move them around with care. If you notice loose packages, be sure to remove the food and re-seal promptly.

  • Vacuum packaging will often cause red meat to turn a shade of brown. This is caused by the lack of oxygen which is removed from bags by the vacuum packaging process. This change causes no harm to the meat, it's flavor or texture. It does not make it unsafe to eat.

Esquire Magazine

“This water oven allows food to cook evenly in its own juices while intensifying flavors and tenderizing the contents.”

Food and Wine

“There could not be a more convenient way to cook: Just push a button, drop the plastic bag in the water, and walk away.”

Food Network

“Chefs achieve perfectly-prepared meats by cooking them sous vide.”

GQ Magazine

"The best steak is cooked in water."