About VacMaster

VacMaster offers professional quality equipment adapted for your kitchen.

VacMaster has been supplying industrial quality machines to the food processing industry for almost three decades. Today, you can have VacMaster's proven commercial quality in your kitchen.

In addition to offering a full line of suction machines, VacMaster was the first to bring Chamber technology to the home kitchen. VacMaster continues to stay on the forefront of vacuum packaging technology, bringing innovative products that are superior in both quality and value to you.

Beyond machines, VacMaster vacuum bags, chamber pouches and accessories also feature patented technology and unique designs ensuring superior performance in your home.

Let VacMaster be the solution for all your vacuum packaging needs.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers vs Suction Vacuum Sealers


Change how you look at cooking and food storage with the VacMaster® Prep, Cook, Package system.  Vacuum packaging can be used countless ways, giving you options for packaging, cooking and prepping. While mostly used for food preservation, vacuum packaging is perfect for a whole host of tasks.

Store and protect any items you want with our super strong vacuum and seal. Foods lose flavor and nutrition when placed in a bag full of air, but when you remove that air with VacMaster® vacuum sealers, food lasts up to 5 times longer!  With our durable quality design and money saving method, you’ll be rolling in the savings in no time. Professional chefs all over the globe are using vacuum packaging, so why shouldn’t you?


Clear up your finances. Vacuum packaging will save you money by protecting your food. Each year about 40 percent of all food in the United States goes uneaten. Our vacuum sealers keep food fresh up to five times longer than traditional storage systems, so you don’t have to constantly go through the fridge and throw out wasted food.

Clear out your freezer. Don’t waste any more space on bulky boxes and oddly shaped containers. Now the space will only be taken up by the actual food itself…vacuum packaged, of course. With the separate vacuum packed items, organization is easy and food can be quickly identified through the clear bags.

Clear up your schedule. Our system cuts down on food prep time and makes cleanup easy and fast. With this system you will save precious time in the kitchen. Time which you can now spend doing...anything else!

See how the Prep, Cook, Package System can transform your kitchen and your life.



You can portion out one bag of dried fruit or other snack items into smaller vacuum packaged servings. You don’t have to worry about eating the entire bag in one sitting, instead just measure out the serving sizes right for you into perfectly sealed bags.  The prepped servings in vacuum packaged bags are all the portion control you need!


Be sure to remember food safety at all times. When prepping food, especially raw meats and proteins, never use the same knives, utensils or cutting boards again, without a thorough wash. You can use our Multi-Ring Bag stand to keep three bags ready for food without worrying about cross contamination.


Vacuum packaging can help with keeping food prep from dirtying your kitchen. So if you are making a chicken piccata that requires very thin pieces of meat, vacuum packing keeps the mess to a minimum. Vacuum package the chicken before pounding and you don’t have to bother about meat juice splatter or cleaning another plate or cutting board. The vacuum seal keeps the juices contained and the kitchen counter clean! You can even put a marinade into the bag to infuse the chicken at the same time and speed up the cooking process. Make cleanup a snap!


When prepping a meal you don’t have to throw everything into one bag to vacuum package and later cook. Instead try separating out different meal components and refrigerating/freezing them to be mixed and matched later, such as rice, cooked veggies, or grilled meats.  Then you have options later in the week to choose what you want to eat together. It also allows the different flavors of the food to shine through rather than letting the stronger flavor overpower the others.


A great use of vacuum packaging is to premix the dry ingredients of recipes into batches. Then whenever you want to make a cake or cookies or pastry you can just take out the secure vacuum packaged ingredients and add the liquids. Making scone batter takes five minutes prep time instead of fifteen to twenty with these handy bags.  Gathering and measuring out the dry goods is the longest part of baking, so premeasuring recipes makes them take next to no time at all.  Just stir, bake, and enjoy!



Vacuum packaging food means you eliminate dehydration and freezer burn. This will save you money on wasted inedible freezer items. Take a vacuum packaged meal out of the fridge or freezer and it will taste as if you just cooked it that day. Keep food fresh up to five times longer with the press of a button. It really is that easy!


Whether a coffee connoisseur or caffeine addict, vacuum packaging will store your beans better. Vacuum seal whole bean or ground coffee for long term storage without fear of oxidation, and keep your coffee fresh and aromatic. When you vacuum and hermetically seal roasted coffee the flavor is detectably better than if it is stored in a bag. The keeping time of coffee is extended up to five times longer. Not only that but coffee keeps that just roasted taste and aroma. If you roast your own beans, you can protect your green coffee beans from water activity fluctuations by vacuum packaging them.


With a vacuum sealer you can store seeds for longer without them turning rancid, especially difficult to keep seeds like pepper and corn that can easily go bad in a year. Just vacuum package the excess seeds and when you are ready for a new crop, open up the bags and you are ready to go. Let your garden bloom with vacuum package protected flower and plant seeds!


Don’t waste time boxing up the winter clothes you aren’t going to use for the summer instead just vacuum package your out-of-season clothing. You won’t have to worry about mildew with our heavy duty vacuum packaging bags protecting your clothing. Keep your clothes safe and secure from moisture and dry rot with vacuum packaging.


Items that are silver can quickly tarnish and lose their luster, which means they have to be polished consistently. But if kept in a vacuum packed bag, they will keep their shine longer! When iron items are stored they can start to rust, which will ruin the items. Keeping items with iron components under vacuum can protect the iron from rust, as rust is a corrosive that requires oxygen to take hold.  Items that have metal pieces are at risk from tarnishing and rusting, so to preserve them, just vacuum package them!



Vacuum packaging is all about your convenience. Our bags are designed so that you can cook right in the bag if in a rush. Need a quick dinner? Just grab a vacuum packaged bag of food and boil in water until cooked. Cut the edge of the bag, being careful to keep hand away from the steam, and eat! If you cook vacuum packaged soup in water and serve out of the bag, there is almost no clean-up other than utensils and bowls. You can also cook food before vacuum packaging it, and then later put the bag in the microwave for a minute or so.


Don’t worry about cooking too much food and having it go to waste. With a vacuum sealing machine, leftovers are your friend! Cook as much food as you like and keep it stored and secure in the freezer until another night. You can cook meals for the entire week on Sunday night and just vacuum package then reheat them. You can cook large amounts of soups or stew, then just portion and freeze in our high barrier bags. This lets you cook when you have time and save the food for nights when you are too busy to cook dinner.

Take it out of the freezer and there will be no dehydration or freezer burn, but the food will taste like you just made it.


Follow FDA regulations for safe food handling.Always be careful to refrigerate or freeze the cooked foods right away. Especially if the meal contains proteins such as meat or eggs, the food must be placed in the fridge or freezer immediately to ensure food safety. You want the food to be at a safe temperature. To make sure that this happens and that they help them cool down quickly, it is often a good idea to divide the meal up into serving sizes and vacuum package separately.



The VacMaster® Prep, Cook, Package system will make your life easier. Don’t worry about foods going bad before you have a chance to eat them. Don’t worry about dirtying up your kitchen with an involved recipe.  Buy foods in bulk, then vacuum package and freeze for later use. Cook when you can, and eat whenever you want! Our system is the ultimate in flexibility and usability. Seal freshness in and air out with VacMaster® vacuum sealers!

Vacuum packaging can protect against moisture and contaminants, either to keep medical items uncontaminated or to protect electronics from dust. Use vacuum packaging to waterproof emergency kits and other important supplies for outdoor activities. Protect your maps and electronics on trips and your passports and important papers when in storage. There are many non-food items that can greatly benefit from vacuum packaging. Not only perfect for preserving non-food items, it can also help to organize them. Store and protect with VacMaster®!

Now that you know all the tricks and tools of the trade, you are ready to rock a vacuum sealer! Have fun with it and you will find countless creative uses for your machine!