Customer Testimonials

Here's what customers are saying about their experience with Cedarlane Culinary and SousVide Supreme.

“We have had the opportunity to use the Sous Vide and the results are outstanding!!!
We had the best medium-rare steaks that I have ever cooked … I used to always overdo them on the bar-b-que.
The chicken was cooked to perfection and so tender.

Your suggestion for the pork ribs cooking for 48 hours had all of our guests raving how tasty and tender they were.

Thank you for making me look like a good cook!”

- George Ward, Toronto

“Just wanted to let you know that I prepared two fantastic meals with our SousVide Demi machine this weekend. As someone who hardly knows how to cook, the sous vide makes gourmet cooking so easy. Our steak was perfectly cooked, nice and tender, and the flavour our vegetables had after two hours in the bag was incredible! Tonight I'm preparing some simple bone-in chicken breasts with olive oil and some salt and pepper.

{Next Day} The chicken I made last night was UNBELIEVABLE. I can't believe I actually cooked a bone in chicken breast so perfectly. I mean it was PERFECT.

This machine is incredible. I really don't understand why it's not in every single person's house. It's time to spread the word!

If I had this machine at school I would have 50 girlfriends! Seriously, I cook like a master chef now!”

– Tim Reibling, Lunenburg, NS

“I can't believe my shopping experience. Great price, great service and fast shipping.” – Kelvin Wong, Markham, Ontario

“I just blended a chocolate coconut cheesecake in the Bellini and I have NEVER been able to get cream cheese smooth!!!! Not with room temp, not with 5min of blending...NEVER! The Bellini did it in 30 seconds! I still can't believe it's power” – Marisa Raponi, Vaughan, Ontario

“I bought my sous-vide supreme a couple of years ago but just recently added the Bellini and a vacmaster. As a matter of fact I have a couple of cases of bags arriving today. The sous-vide unit is a fantastic little home unit, but you know that. The vac master VP112 puts all other home units to shame, not quite the power of my commercial unit at work but there is a huge difference in price and weight. So far I am more than satisfied with this unit. The Bellini, love it. I have two Thermomix units at work so I am very familiar with what they can do. So far my little Bellini does everything I have asked of it. From sauces to custards to risotto everything has come out great. My pet peeve with the Thermomix, besides the price ($1800) is the fact that it is designed for the little cup on top to come off. I am a culinary instructor and you have no idea how often those little cups hit the floor. I even complained to the manufacturer but got nowhere. You can imagine how happy I was to find that you had made yours to lock on when necessary. Thank you for making all of this equipment available without the hassle of ordering from overseas or across the border. I am a very happy customer.” – Donald Pattie, Winnipeg

“The event was fantastic! We used our sous vide to hold the bison until service. This ensured our targeted internal temperature was maintained and when we served the bison it was at the perfect level of doneness. This technique worked amazingly well for us.“ - Cindy Doyle, Paris, ON

“It was a pleasure talking to you earlier today. I have noted with pleasure that the unit is already on its way. Once again, I wish to highlight the high quality customer service. I will not hesitate to recommend Cedarlane whenever I have the occasion.” -Claude Latulippe, Gatineau, Quebec

“I received the package much faster than I expected and couldn’t wait to test it out. I cooked a steak, and, even though I had read many glowing accounts of how great the meat was cooked using the Sous Vide method, I was totally unprepared for the wonderful difference between this method and grilling a steak in the oven or on the barbeque. I have never had a steak so tender and flavourful. I plan on cooking a pork chop next and am sure it will be just as good. As a senior on a limited income I wasn’t sure about spending the money on something I didn’t really need. I soon found out I did need my Sous Vide Supreme Demi and do not regret purchasing it for a moment. My only regret is that I didn’t have this machine my six children were all still at home. As a bonus I found the customer support to be wonderful, Mike Fricker was very helpful and answered all my emails promptly. Such a nice change from many company support people today. I will certainly recommend the Sous Vide Supreme and Cedarlane Culinary to all my friends and family.” -Elizabeth Janice Preston, Tiverton, Ontario.

"I love my sous vide supreme that I purchased in March and use it every day. It has brought a new meaning to entertaining, I cook my meat and veggies the day before, and reheat using sous vide for the meat and microwave the veggies with no work. It's very hard to make a mistake with all the info available. My electric bill went form $285 in Feb. to $120 in March." – Anne, Oshawa, Ontario

"For my first SousVide Supreme meal I made Tiger Prawns, Lobster Tail and Baby Scallops on top of sweet basil & dill infused pasta. It was the best meal ever, thanks to the Sous Vide Supreme. 4 stars plus on this unit. Thanks again." – Marc. Surrey, BC

“We are really enjoying the sous vide. It may take me from a 78 year old who couldn't boil water until he retired to an accomplished chef. I've made the best medium rare tenderloin, the best carrots and parsnips, by far the best salmon I have ever eaten in my 78 years and I haven't even started yet.” – Jack Buckley, Taber, Alberta

“My first attempts with SV have been just crazy! I mean so successful! Everything turned back smooth as butter and so tasty.” - Jean-Marc Bouley, Verdun, Quebec

“Thank you again for replacing our SousVide Supreme. We did not expect such excellent service. We have now used the new unit several times, and it works perfectly. Thanks again!” - Peter Keskinen, Toronto

“I absolutely love my SousVide. I use it almost every day. It turns chicken breasts from boring to exciting. It produces tender meats for tacos that can be finished with just a quick minute or two on the grill making the meat both tender and flavorful. It also enables me to prepare dinners in advance thus saving time on hectic days. Thank you for bringing us the SousVide Supreme.” - Chrys Varnes, Huntington Beach, CA

“Love, love, love the product! Use it all the time; so easy to fill-it and forget-it and final finishing is quick and easy with delicious results.” - Melody J, Kailua Kona, HI

“I ate what is without any doubt or reservation the finest piece of meat I have ever tasted on my first time out. I am talking better than any Morton's or Ruth's, better than anything I have ever cooked on my grill, better than I could imagine a piece of beef could taste and I have a great imagination.” - Tom Watts

"You're able to take inexpensive cuts of meat and turn it into something better than filet mignon." - Vanessa Volkmann

“It was chicken unlike we had tasted ever before...it was that good.” - Steve Wilcox

"I do alot of entertaining...and this way I have more time to spend with family and friends. I just had to take it out of the SousVide Supreme and brown it, and it was amazingly tender." - Sherry Hansen

“It’s definitely a great tool – for families, for adults and for entertaining as well...It’s quick and easy to use, and no one is ever disappointed with the results.” - Sue Wilcox

“I just used my SousVide Supreme for the first time and used it to make chicken thighs for Chicken Cacciatore. The sous vide chicken was really excellent - it tasted more "chicken-y" , the texture was moist and fork tender but not soggy and falling apart like slow cooking methods, the flavors of the spices permeated throughout the meat not just remaining on the outside.” - K. DeCicco, Auburn, CA

“We love the SousVide Supreme machine. The best success has been with filet mignon and turkey! I have never experienced a better steak!” - W. Barnard, Houston, Texas

“I have cooked melt-in-your mouth spareribs in various ways with success - but nothing matches the amazing tenderness and texture when they're cooked sous vide. I love your recipe books and spice-sheets and packages.” - J Dainton, Duncan, BC, Canada

“I love my SousVide Supreme and use it weekly.” - Nathan W.

“Thank you for the WONDERFUL customer care folks.....I feel like we are all family. Look forward to my first dinner party - and when I hear the “wow's” informed them how it was cooked“ - S. Smith, Austin, Texas

“I have found the SousVide Supreme to be user friendly and everything it was promoted to be. I have really enjoyed the experience.” - W. Goebig, Kutztown, Pa

“Love my SousVide Supreme. It turned out to be an unbelievable convenience in food preparation.” - Geoffrey C, Sonntag, Tonganoxie, KS

“We enjoy having the SousVide Supreme, using it mainly to cook lamb, pork, and beef. Cooking less expensive cuts of meat returns delicious results”. - Robert D., Seattle, WA

“Thank you for making the SousVide Supreme, it has significantly improved the quality of my life!” -- Travis P. from Decatur, GA

“This is amazing! I don’t think I have ever had this level of customer service. Thank you so much!” --Steve

"I've seriously been using this machine non-stop since the night I received it. I keep inviting my friends over to try the different foods and the consensus is that everything has been amazing. Just last night, a friend came over and declared the steak to be "butter" and the carrots as "candy". " -- S. Kong

“The SousVide Supreme has made me excited about dinner again. Arguably the greatest gift ever.” -- John K., Dallas, TX

“I just want you to know that I really love my Sous Vide Supreme!! I have made many dishes with it. I want to thank you and everyone in your company for making home sous vide possible, affordable and simple!!” --P. Ting

“I will be sure to let everyone know what amazing customer service you provide. You've made me one happy customer!” --Ryan

Esquire Magazine

“This water oven allows food to cook evenly in its own juices while intensifying flavors and tenderizing the contents.”

Food and Wine

“There could not be a more convenient way to cook: Just push a button, drop the plastic bag in the water, and walk away.”

Food Network

“Chefs achieve perfectly-prepared meats by cooking them sous vide.”

GQ Magazine

"The best steak is cooked in water."