How SousVide Supreme® Water Ovens Compare with Immersion Circulators

There are two types of sous vide equipment: water baths (such as the SousVide Supreme water oven) and immersion circulators. Both offer the precise temperature control necessary for safe sous vide cooking, but operate differently.

Unlike single point heating systems of immersion circulators, SousVide Supreme's patented design and precision temperature control technology ensures even temperatures without the need for a circulator motor. As heat rises from the edge-to- edge heating plate in the base, it creates highly efficient thermal convection that maintains consistent temperatures throughout the water bath without the need for agitation.

The SousVide Supreme water oven also features cool touch housing with its double-wall insulated design, ensuring maximum heating efficiency and energy savings. Additional features include silent operation and a stainless steel lid that contains steam and helps prevent evaporation of water during cooking. SousVide Supreme water ovens also have no moving parts that can be hard to clean and require regular maintenance.

General Features SousVide Supreme Immersion Circulators
Precise temperature control within .5 degree Celsius Yes Yes
Quiet operation Yes X
Maintains accuracy without re-calibration Yes X
Lid to contain steam and prevent evaporation Yes X
Push button simplicity Yes X
Double wall insulation ensures cool touch exterior for safety and to conserve energy to maintain temperature Yes X
Lack of exposed moving parts eliminates the risk of mineral deposits building up from water and causing malfunction Yes X
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