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Chefs everywhere have embraced sous vide cooking and the SousVide Supreme water oven for the way it allows them to improve the quality, efficiency and consistency of their food preparation.  

What The World's Top Chefs are Saying About the Sous Vide Supreme Cooker


Jason Wilson - James Beard Award Winner, Chef/Owner,  CRUSH, Seattle, WA


Ouita Michel - Chef/Owner,  Holly Hill Inn, Midway, KY

Here is what some of the world's top chefs have to say about cooking with the SousVide Supreme.

Richard Blais - Top Chef: All Stars Winner, Owner of Flip Burger Boutique and The Spence, Atlanta, GA

"By cooking with the SousVide Supreme, you achieve perfect results every single time."

Known for pushing the culinary envelope during his stints on BRAVO’s Emmy Award winning series “Top Chef” and the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America.” Chef Richard Blais was trained at New York’s Culinary Institute of America and California’s French Laundry. Blais draws from his genuine interest in culinary experimentation to further promote awareness of sous vide cooking – a method he supports as one of this century’s biggest cooking trends.





Michael Ruhlman - author, blogger, cook and journalist ruhlman.com

"What I recommend for the home cook just getting into sous vide is the excellent Sous Vide Supreme. I love that I can buy a tough inexpensive chuck roast, cook it at 135 degrees F. for 4 hours, then finish it on the grill and the result is a medium rare steak as tender as sirloin. The method truly does allow for transforming food in ways previously not possible with such precision."

Michael Ruhlman is a well-known author, food blogger, cook, and journalist whose mission is to translate the chef's craft for every kitchen. He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books about food and cooking, including Ruhlman's Twenty, which won both a James Beard Foundation award and an International Association of Culinary Professionals award. 


Ouita Michel - Owner/Executive Chef, Holly Hill Inn, Midway, KY

"What SousVide Supreme has allowed us to do is control all the things that are uncontrollable on the top of the stove. When cooking breast of pheasant, it keeps it perfectly moist, perfectly tender. It's perfect every time and there is no guesswork."

Chef Ouita Michel and her husband, Chris, own and operate three Kentucky Bluegrass restaurants with a spirit that is urbane, hospitable and undeniably focused on serving delicious food. Ouita’s cuisine at all her restaurants is community farm-based, a goal integral to the Michels since they began their restaurant careers in the late 1980s. Ouita has received praise in radio, television and print, including The New York Times, which called the Holly Hill Inn “a gem of a restaurant.”


Jason Wilson - Chef/Owner, CRUSH, Seattle, WA

"The size and weight make the SousVide Supreme a great asset to our catering business and to creating our dynamic cuisine in any situation for private dinners and smaller events. Our machine has had an intense workout over the past 6 months. The machine is easy to transport and versatile in any situation. It holds the temperatures precisely, heats fast and has proven to be a great tool on the line for cooking fish, meats, vegetables…. you name it."

In 2006, Chef Jason Wilson was declared one of the Top Ten New Chefs in North America by the prestigious Food and Wine magazine, and in 2010 won the James Beard Award for "Best Chef: Northwest".



Whitney Miller - Winner of FOX's MasterChef  

"I love using the SousVide Supreme. One of the best attributes is the texture of vegetables cooked sous vide. My favorite two vegetables that I cooked in the Sous Vide Supreme were okra with its tender, vibrant color and non-slimy texture, and sweet potato slices that held their shape but were fork tender. A unique ingredient to the South that I cooked in the SousVide Supreme was grits. The result was perfectly creamy and delicious grits."

Although the youngest competitor at the age of twenty-two, Whitney nevertheless won and became FOX’s 1st American “MasterChef,” while also gaining the nickname “The Pastry Princess” for her skill in making desserts on the show.  Whitney’s cookbookModern Hospitality Simple Recipes with Southern Charm, part of her winnings for MasterChef, was released on July 5th, 2011 by Rodale.


Sharone Hakman - FOX's MasterChef

"The SousVide Supreme allows you to take any cut of meat, expensive or inexpensive, and turn it into something remarkably tender, perfectly cooked, and delicious."

Cooking had always been Sharone's creative outlet and his safe haven. He eventually realized that he needed to change career paths and follow what really drove him – food!  When his baby boy Lukah was born, life gave him the push he needed to follow his dreams. His big break came with the opportunity to compete on Gordon Ramsey’s hit show MasterChef on FOX, where Sharone proved that he really had what it took. After the show ended, he dove head first into the culinary world. Food is his passion and he is so excited to share it!



James Briscione - Chef Instructor, Institute of Culinary Education, Food Network's Chopped

"Professional cooking is about consistency. When you cook sous vide, you get a consistent, reliable product and you can be confident no one is struggling to saw through an over-cooked steak. Plus, sous vide allows chefs creates textures in food that are impossible through any other technique."

James Briscione trained with European masters in sous vide cooking technique in Venice, Italy in 2011, and he began developing ICE’s premiere Cuisine Technology Program. Briscione was the Chef de Cuisine at the James Beard award-winning restaurant, Highlands Bar & Grill, then joined forces with Chef Daniel Boulud and Food Network. James became the first-ever two-time champion of Food Network’s premiere competition show, Chopped. In 2011, James co-authored his first cookbook Just Married & Cooking (Scribner) with his wife Brooke Parkhurst, the book stages hands-on cooking events and dinners in Manhattan, the Hamptons, Florida and California. 


Jonathon Davies - Private Event Chef & Menu Consultant,JonathonDavies.com

“I can honestly say that once people have tried cooking sous vide it will change the way they cook – forever!  The SousVide Supreme exudes quality, not only in its design but how it works and the food it produces. Until you’ve had a sous vide steak you’ve never lived - it’s really that good, delicately and perfectly brought to the required temperature, infused with its own flavor with all the goodness locked in.”

Chef Jonathon Davies was the Winner of ITV's Britain's Best Dish 2010.


Alex Seidel - Chef/Owner, Fruition Restaurant, Denver, CO

"Being a chef for twenty years, I have been fortunate to use all kinds of fun kitchen gadgets.  The SousVide Supreme might just be my favorite.  With chefs all over the world using sous-vide as a cooking technique, this water oven helps to make recipes easy, clean, tender, and full of flavor."

Chef Alex Seidel has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation with several nominations for “Best Chef Southwest” and also an invitation to cook for the 20th Anniversary “Dinners across America.” Just recently, Food and Wine Magazine named Alex Seidel as 2010 “Best New Chef”.


Tom Cockerill - Chef Proprietor, Entropy Restaurant, Leicester, UK

"We use the SousVide Supreme water oven for the preparation and service of many of our menu items. Its modern stainless steel design looks great and it’s robust enough to withstand the demands of a busy restaurant kitchen.”

Entropy was awarded ‘Best pub/bar meal in Leicestershire’ at the Leicestershire Tourism Awards, as well as Midlands Restaurant of the Year - The GoodFood Guide 2010, and Top Table 2010 Gold Award.  



Katherine Emmenegger - Executive Chef, Great News! Cooking School, San Diego, CA

"The SousVide Supreme reigns supreme for ease of use, accuracy, and clean ability.  I recommend it to anyone desiring healthy meals prepared with precision that are ready to serve when you are."

Currently, Chef Katherine Emmenegger is owner and operator of Entrée Preneur, a company devoted to all things culinary. Her passion lies in recipe development and demonstration, which she does on a local television program, San Diego Living, XETV.  



Jamie Watson - Owner/Chef, Delicioux, Nashville, TN

"One of the great things about sous vide cooking is the ease with which you can achieve such consistently flavorful results. So I must admit I was nothing short of amazed, when I used the SousVide Supreme for the first time. To make a fundamentally simple form of cooking even easier is nothing short of genius. Great temperature control - easy to use controls - we all know how important that one is - and it's all in a compact, easy-to-store- in-a-tight-kitchen size.... wow! I'm actually putting 2 more on the line."

Chef Jamie Watson graduated with Distinction from the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York. He has most recently opened DELICIOUX, a café that serves lunch and freshly baked breads and pastries.


Phillip Foss - Chef, Foss Food Trucks, Chicago, IL

"Sous Vide Supreme has the precision that we expect at our restaurant, and the practicality one could appreciate at home!"

Chef Phillip Foss was the executive chef at Lockwood in Chicago, which was awarded 3 stars by the Chicago Tribune & Chicago Sun Times, 4 diamonds by AAA, named as Chicago Tribune’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants, and Chef Foss was awarded 1st runner up as the Best New Chef by Chicago Social.



Alex Chow - Executive Head Chef, Kai Mayfair, London, UK

"The SousVide Supreme is a straightforward, reliable & precise instrument which allows me to explore avenues of culinary creativity without fuss, concentrating on the food and not the equipment. It's a package that simply works beautifully."

Kai Mayfair was awarded the Michelin Star for 3 consecutive years from 2009–2011 and voted the ‘Best Chinese’ in London by Harden’s Guide 2009. Proprietor Bernard Yeoh and Executive Head Chef Alex Chow share a common love of traditional Chinese fare coupled with the desire to continually redefine the boundaries of Chinese cuisine. Chef Alex Chow's talents have earned him many prestigious awards including Chinese Master Chef of London.



Lenard Rubin - Chef/ Partner, The Vig Uptown, Phoenix, AZ

"Although the concept of sous vide is not new, Sous Vide Supreme is revolutionary in its approach to making the technology easy to use and accessible to all restaurants. Thanks to the SousVide Supreme, we can now cook higher caliber food with minimum staffing. This is due to ease of use, the reasonable cost of the equipment and the elimination of waste due to improper preparation of more expensive ingredients."

Inducted in 2002 into the Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame and in 2006 was chosen “Chef of the Year” for the Phoenix area by the American Culinary Federation Chefs’ Assoc. of Greater Phoenix. In 2010, Chef Lenard Rubin was chosen as a semi-finalist for The American Culinary Federations’ National Chef of the Year.



Eric Arrouzé - Owner/Operator, onlineculinaryschool.net

"Thanks to Sous Vide Supreme, the technology is affordable and easy to use. My kitchens are stocked with these fantastic devices. They are so easy to use, and help chefs at all levels achieve perfect dishes due to the accuracy of the constant temperature readings and the integrated mise en place. SousVide Supreme can help with time management in the kitchen, allowing you to serve more customers faster, a huge benefit for any chef!"

With over 27 years of experience working in the food industry at luxury hotels and restaurants in Europe and Canada, Chef Eric Arrouzé is a world renowned French Chef instructor originally from Pau, France, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. He operates and manages onlineculinaryschool.net, which offers online culinary courses to food lovers worldwide. He also operates an online gourmet club at911cheferic.com



Susie Norris - Founder/President & Chef, Happy Chocolates, Los Angeles, CA

"SousVide Supreme’s precision in temperature is a gift to those of us who work with chocolate. We need exact temperatures to control the chemistry of chocolate, and SousVide provides that. At a recent faculty meeting at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, all the chef/instructors, each with a different specialty, received a tutorial in Sous Vide cooking. We were dazzled by the possibilities."

Chef Susie Norris is an author, artisan chocolatier, pastry chef and culinary school instructor. Her award-winning chocolate business, Happy Chocolates, was featured on Food Network and in MORE Magazine. She teaches baking and pastry arts at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and Sur La Table in Los Angeles and writes forZesterDaily.com.

John Placko - Chef, Food Strategist, Principal of John Placko Culinary Consulting 

John Placko has worked in Canada for the past 17 years with various organizations; Cara Operations Ltd., Prime Restaurants Inc., Campbell Company of Canada and most recently completed 3 years as Director of Culinary Excellence at Maple Leaf Foods’ ThinkFOOD! centre. Placko has also worked in hotels, airline and contract catering as well as restaurants. His culinary competition activity spans multiple countries: Australia, Germany (Culinary Olympics), Canada and in France where he competed in the Bocuse d’Or competition. Placko's passion lies in the culinary evolution most commonly known as molecular gastronomy. He has recently set up a consulting service, John Placko Culinary Consulting as well as Modern Culinary Academy, to promote the awareness and education of  molecular gastronomy.


Heath Schecter - Research & Development Chef

"I really enjoyed working on recipes for Sous Vide Supreme. I love the equipment, from the water oven to the vacuum chamber. I think that the size and portability are wonderful. Moreover, I highly recommend Sous Vide Supreme to other chefs as well as the well versed home cook…I think they’ll love as much as I do." 

Chef Heath has worked in the restaurant industry for over 25 years in Chicago, Wisconsin and Arizona. His range is from fast food to high end seafood and steaks. The last restaurant he was in was also a brewery, where he paired his entrees with craft beer made in house. Currently, Heath works as a chef in Research & Development, at Mullins Food Products in Broadview, IL
creating sauces for Quick Serve Restaurants as well as retail customers.