SousVide Supreme in the Media

Sous vide cooking is becoming one of the most popular cooking techniques today for home cooks and chefs, and the award-winning SousVide Supreme has been receiving rave reviews from culinary experts and the national media. Here's a sampling of just some of media coverage the SousVide Supreme has received.

What People are Saying About the Sous Vide Supreme Cooker

Food & Wine magazine

Food & Wine

Does High-Tech Cooking Have Soul? 

"...sous vide is a nearly effortless cooking method that can make even mediocre vegetables taste like gold-medal winners."

Men's Health

Men's Health

Tech Guide

"...cook your dinner to perfection, with no risk of an overdone dish." 

Lucky Nov 2011


Holiday Gift Guide

"The sous vide that cooks everything perfectly."

House and Home

House & Home

Avant-Garde Cooking at Home

"Now, tender proteins, such as perfectly cooked  medium-rare steaks and flavour-packed scallops, are possible for all."   

LA Magazine Dec 2011

Los Angeles 

Gift Guide

"The first practical at- home version of the modern chef's must-have gadget."

Taste of Home Dec Jan 2011

Taste of Home

Present Perfect

"For a true foodie, splurge on a SousVide Supreme Demi package to enjoy this French cooking technique at home." 

C California Summer 2011 Cover


Modern Moguls

"Slow-cook short ribs like the pros in just 72 hours."

425 Nov Dec 11 Cover


Food Lover's Issue

"It cooks vegetables to tender perfection, steaks to order and leaves chicken juicy and full of flavor."

GQ 7-1-2011 Cover


How to Cook like the Jetsons

"The best steak is cooked in water."

Alaska Airlines Nov 2011 Cover

Alaska Airlines

Holiday Gift Guide

"In addition to being able to cook proteins, the water oven can infuse wines and spirits with delicate flavors."

Mens Journal April 2011

Men's Journal

The Cutting-Edge Cook

“Plug it in, set temperature and time, and submerge. Forty-five minutes yields a savory, fork-tender chicken breast.”

FoodandWine June2010

Food & Wine

The Gastronaut Files

“There could not be a more convenient way to cook: Just push a button, drop the plastic bag in the water, and walk away.”

Consumers Digest April 2011 Cover

Consumers Digest

What's New

“Cooking ingredients in an airtight bag and a water bath helps to maintain the texture and flavor of ingredients.”

Cooks Illustrated December 2010 Cover


Equipment Corner

“The long slow cooking can turn tough cuts of meat incredibly tender."

March 2010 Food Network Magazine Cover

Food Network

The Show-Off Chef

“Chefs achieve perfectly-prepared meats by cooking them sous vide.”

America's Test Kitchen

America's Test Kitchen

"We followed the simple setup instructions and cooked fish, chicken, and steaks—all with perfect results." Watch Video

Trends with Benefits

Trends with Benefits

"Sous vide is cooking with a vacuum. You cook everything in a water bath that gives you the ability to perfectly cook your food at a certain temperature." Watch Video

GEEK BEAT TV Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 Kitchen Gifts "I love it even more than the knife."


The Top 10 of Everything 2010

“This technique might be the biggest advance in cooking since the gas oven.”

Wall Street Journal

Keeping Up With the Vikings

"Apparently, you have never tasted meat cooked to succulent perfection until you've been fed tenderloin that's been vacuum-sealed and hot-water-bathed for five hours."


Sous Vide Moves From Avant-Garde to the Countertop

 “Once you sous vide, you never go back...My wife thought I was crazy to get this thing, but already she doesn’t want to eat anything else.”


Gift Guide For the Serious Foodie

"We like the compactness of this self-contained sous vide water bath made especially for home kitchens."

Modernist Cuisine

Techniques & Equipment

"The #1 must-have tool for the Modernist kitchen."

NY Daily news

Under Pressure? Don't Fear the Sous Vide

“The Sous Vide Supreme makes every meal, a 4-star meal."


 What America's Top Chefs Want to Give Their Kitchen

“This water oven allows food to cook evenly in its own juices while intensifying flavors and tenderizing the contents.”


Best of What's New '10

“One of the simplest and most foolproof methods for cooking just about anything to its exact level of perfect doneness.” 

Serious Eats

Serious Eats

“The SousVide Supreme makes it possible to cook a 12-course meal for six people out of an apartment kitchen, with every protein coming out perfectly cooked.”

National Post

Fat Ducks' Heston Blumenthal Sings Praises of Sous Vide Cooking

"If you think of how much people spend on an oven and put that against the versatility of this system, it's not expensive," (Heston) Blumenthal says. "It can cookanything."


Cooking From the Inside Out

“Your steak is perfect. And you can’t fail. Seriously, you can do this 1,000 times and never screw up.”


Top 100 Perfect Gifts 2010

"Overall, the Sous Vide Supreme does what it claims to do, and does it well.”


Gastro-Genius Heston Blumenthal Shills for the SousVide Supreme

"Life after sous vide doesn’t exist.”


The 8 Biggest Kitchen Innovations of the Last Decade

“Dining in will never be the same.”

Vancouver Sun

Entrée: A culinary revolution comes into the home kitchen

“Sous vide, (Heston) Blumenthal feels, is the single biggest change in professional cooking in decades.”


9 Holiday Gifts for Foodies "Once the province of high-tech restaurants, the sous vide method—a fancy way of slow cooking—can now happen at home."

Dream Machine - SousVide Supreme "Sous vide offers a style of cooking that locks in flavour and preserves nutritional value."
The Kitchen of the Future "[The sous vide technique allows] chefs to achieve unparalleled flavor and texture."